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Help! I'm

Trapped In A



Lynn Smith
Professional Health Coach

It happened the other night. My husband and I were watching TV.
When I got up from the couch, I ended up hobbling along like an 80
year old woman after hip replacement. What's going on? This has
happened before. But how long ago? When did it start? I'm not 80,
I'm only middle-aged. This shouldn't be happening.

So I started talking to friends in my same age group to see if this
has happened to them. Turns out, it has. Has it happened to you? Is
this what being middle-aged is all about? Are we doomed to having
trouble getting up off the couch and getting thicker in the middle?

Looking back, I guess I have only myself to blame. I haven't
exactly been running marathons and loading up on the vegetables
these past few decades. That left me wondering: Is it too late to
do something about it? Can I improve my health this late in the game?

Fortunately, we live in the internet age and I know how to use a
mouse. I found some interesting research on how to ease into a more
active lifestyle. What was encouraging is that even easing into
activity has a positive impact on our health.

Australian researchers monitored a group of sedentary individuals
and found that by simply adding 2,000 steps a day they lost just
over an inch from their waistlines. That's about 20 minutes of
walking. Doesn't seem so hard. I think I can do that. Hum...if I lose
an inch from my waist maybe I can fit back into those pants hanging
in the back of my closet. But the study pointed out that if you're
already quite active, this won't have the same effect. I think I'm
closer to sedentary than active.

I stumbled upon another interesting study. This one is on sunlight.
According to the Journal of American Epidemiology, high levels of
sun exposure were linked to a 47% reduced risk of advanced breast
cancer in women with light skin pigmentation. It's from the
increase of vitamin D. Sunlight is the best way to boost vitamin D
levels. Interesting. If I take my walk during the daylight hours,
is that multi-tasking?

Used to be I was more active and spent more time outside. These
days I'm in front of a computer screen a lot more. I guess this is
a wake up call. Better do something now before I get any older. I
know walking is a really good form of exercise. Being in motion
sounds like it's just what this middle-aged body needs. Who knows,
maybe 2,000 steps a day is my stepping stone to better health.


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