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Life Would Be So Much Easier If Those Diet Pills Worked

Lynn Smith, LMT
Professional Health Coach

We have all seen the ads – New fat blasting pill melts away fat while you sleep. Or the person who lost 30 pounds in three weeks on a weight loss program. We’re tempted. We think about buying that $50 bottle or getting four weeks worth of food. But we’ve been this route before. We bought into the fairy tale.

Why don’t these things work? Have you read the fine print: Results Not Typical. The problem is that most of us are typical.

Then why do we succumb to these ads? Why to we believe and hope? The answer is because advertisers are really good at what they do. We live in an instant-oriented society; texting and instant messaging. We start to believe that everything can happen that fast.

So the advertisers write the ads. They feed us the fairy tales.

But ask yourself: Did you wake up this morning ten pounds heavier? Doubtful. That’s not typical. Will you wake up tomorrow morning ten pounds lighter? Doubtful. Because that’s not typical. What is typical is that we collected up those 10, or 15, or more pounds over the course of time and it is going to take some time to permanently lose those pounds.

We need to start by changing our thinking. Stop being instant-oriented.

Instant is great for many things but it doesn’t work on everything. When we put our hopes on an instant solution we set ourselves up for disappointment – and, generally, lighten our wallets in the process.

The simple truth is we gained that weight over the course of time and it will take the course of time to lose it. We need to change our mindset and learn patience.

Start making simple changes to your daily routine. How many times during the week are you eating fast food? Is there any way you can cut back on that a time or two? Pack a lunch one day during the week.

Look for ways to burn off more calories. Next time you go to the store park at the back of the parking lot. It will only take a couple of extra minutes to walk through the parking lot. Does your office building have an elevator? Designate one day a week that you use the stairs.

These solutions are not quick-fixes but they will help you become more health conscious. And you can feel good that you are taking control of your health.

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