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A New Year, A

New You

Lynn Smith
Professional Health and Weight Loss Coach

Think back to a day when you were in the flow. You effortlessly glided from one project to another, systematically crossing items off your to-do list as the day progressed. That evening, as you reflected upon your day, you became aware of a confident smile on your face, as you recounted all that you accomplished. Days like that are empowering. How often do you experience those days? Are they more the exception than the rule? Why is that?

We don't often think about it, but every decision we make that affects our health also has an effect on the other areas of our life.

When breakfast is a latte and muffin, lunch comes from a drive-thru, and dinner is a frozen entrée, your body can't consistently be a peak performance. You can't operate from a place of personal power when your body doesn't have the nutrition to create that power.

Would you like to have more days of being in the flow? Where that is the rule rather than the exception? What would you be able to accomplish?

Look back on 2008. What would be different for you if everyday you were at peak performance? What are the current consequences of not operating at that level? Was your performance review less than stellar? Did you get passed up for a promotion? Did you gain a pant size because you're so exhausted at the end of the day you plop down on the couch at night?

Think about the upcoming year. What aspects of 2008 would you like to leave behind? What would you like to create? Choices are yours to make. Don't make poor ones by default. Decide now to create a better year for yourself by taking better care of your health. It will have a positive affect on your whole life.

What unhealthy habits are keeping you from reaching your potential? Do you smoke? Maybe you engage in happy hour a little too often? These habits are slowly eroding your health. Make it a priority to change these habits and notice how much better you feel.

Is lack of energy stifling your ambition? Consider making some changes to your diet. Living on fast-food and cookies will only keep you lethargic. Start cutting back on the fast-food and see how much more energy you have. Make it a goal to pack a lunch to take with you at least once a week. Be sure to include some fresh fruit or vegetables. Not only will you get the nutrition you need, but that burger and fries won't be sitting like a rock in your stomach, slowing you down.

Also take a look at how much activity you get during the day. Sitting at a desk all day and then coming home and sitting on the couch all evening is going to foster that tiredness. Try incorporating a walk into your day. Use your coffee break to get moving or take a walk after dinner. You'll find this helps boost energy levels.

If 2008 wasn't everything you were hoping it would be, make some changes now. By taking control of your health you can take control of the rest of your life. Make it a goal to be healthier and see what you can accomplish in 2009!



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