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Simple Steps

To Weight


Debbie Schroeder RN, BSN
Professional Health Coach

It does not take giant leaps to create life changing
transformation.   Making small changes over time will create the
momentum you need to reach your goals.  No matter how much weight
you have to lose and what your goals are, if you break it down into
small manageable pieces you will be successful.

So many people decide that they need to lose weight and they cut
their calories in half and decide they are going to exercise every
day.  After a few days, you can hardly move, you are starving and
crabby and feel like you are going insane.  It doesn't take long
before you give up and go back to your old eating patterns.  Does
this sound familiar?

The YES Diet is based on making small changes weekly that
correlate to the stage of change you are in.  For instance if you
are in contemplation and just thinking about the fact that you are
overweight and want to lose weight you will not go right to an
action step and join a gym.  The more appropriate baby step would
be to journal for a week to understand how much you eat, how what
you eat is affecting your mood and how you are feeling and
sleeping.  This will raise your awareness about your lifestyle.

The next week you will keep your baby step and choose a new one.
This week you may decide for your baby step that you will read an
article about weight loss and continue to journal.  As part of the
YES Diet you will find an appendix with several baby step options
for each stage of change you are in.  This list will not be all
encompassing; there is an endless list of possible baby steps you
can do each week.  We encourage you to get creative and have fun
selecting your baby steps each week.  It can also be fun to do a
brainstorming session with a friend, family member or health coach to
help you come up with several baby step ideas and then pick one from your list each week.

You will find that having a clear goal and knowing what stage of
change you are in will make it easier to pick a baby step each
week.  The power of the baby step is picking one that you
absolutely can not fail at, doing the baby step and keeping the
baby step going week after week.  There will be some baby steps
where it may not be applicable to re-do each week, such as if you
are in the preparation stage and a baby step is to buy a new pair
of walking shoes.  This will only be done as you need a new pair of
walking shoes. 

Remember you are creating healthy lifestyle habits and eliminated
unhealthy habits.  As you get into the action stage and are making
your baby steps it is important to keep in mind that if you take
something away, replace it with something else.  The YES Diet is
about achieving your goals, feeling youthful, energetic and sexy
and saying yes to the life you want to live.  It is not about
deprivation.  If you decide that drinking a can of soda and having
a candy bar in the middle of the day is a habit that will not
support you in reaching your goals, a baby step could be replacing
it with some green tea and fresh fruit or another healthy snack
option.  If you just give up the soda and candy bar midday without
any replacement, you may find yourself starving when you get home
from work and overeating the rest of the night.

You may have noticed that we don't make claims that you will lose
20 pounds in 2 weeks.  We could show you how to do that, but you
wouldn't be able to keep it off and it is not healthy.  The YES
Diet is a system for permanent weight loss, not a quick fix
program.  Because you are starting in the stage of change you are
in and implementing small baby steps each week, your progress may
seem a little slow at first.  This is why we start you off with
your visualization.  If you are focused on what you want and seeing
yourself as being that which you want then your journey will be

The YES Diet starts off rather easy, for most people this is a
welcome relief.  You are given permission to only make small
changes instead of altering your entire lifestyle overnight.  As
you progress through the program, you will notice more dramatic
changes as time goes on.  Each week the baby steps build on each
other and you will be developing new healthy habits on a regular
basis.  As you move into the action stage you will start seeing
more noticeable physical changes because this is the stage where
the action steps come in that will lead to your weight loss.  It is
important to remember that the contemplation and preparation stages
are setting the foundation for your program and no one stage is
more important than another.  We urge you to resist that temptation
to move right into action if you are not ready.  Doing this may
lead to failure. 

It has taken you a lifetime to create your current lifestyle and it
will take some time to create your healthy lifestyle.  Patience and
persistence and focusing on what you want will give you the body
and life you have always dreamed of.  Through the journaling
process, you will be able to reflect back on your progress and
watch the unfolding of your new healthy lifestyle.  Through the use
of baby steps you will be creating healthy habits and eliminating
unhealthy habits without struggle or deprivation.  Eventually these
baby steps will become part of who you are and you won't even think
about them.


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