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As a coach, expanding my knowledge and learning new information is very important to me. I am constantly learning new information and discovering resources to improve my skills to provide you with the best possible health and wellness information available. 

Listed below are some website links that I have found very valuable.  If you are interested, feel free to click on the link to learn more.

Health Coaching FAQs

Health Coaching FAQs - What is Health Coaching? Why do we specialize in health coaching for women? How does health coaching work? How much time is involved in health coaching?

Weight Loss Coaching FAQs - What is a weight loss coach? Why does weight -loss coaching work when diets don't? How does weight loss coaching work? How do I know if I need a weight loss coach?


Feeling Blue? 4 Easy Ways to Feel Better-

Do you find you occasionally have days where you feel down? Most women would likely answer yes to that. Days like that happen to everyone. Remember that old song by The Carpenters, Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down?

Secret To A Slender Toned Body -

Every decade of our adult life we will lose approximately 7 to 8 pound of muscle unless we are proactive in maintaining or building our muscle mass.  Often as women get older they wonder why they are gaining weight when they aren’t eating more food.  This loss of muscle mass is one reason for this weight gain.

To Lose Weight You First - Part 2
In part 2 of our series, we are starting with the N in our Mind acronym, which stands for Nemesis or inner critic.  You have probably noticed that you have this non-stop voice in your head that is constantly rambling; often it is saying things that are not supportive of you.

To Lose Weight You First - Part 1
Diets don't work.  Yet, even though we all know this, we keep trying them anyway; just in case there is that magic diet that will drop pounds effortlessly.  However, you have probably been on dozens of diets, yet you are still struggling with your weight.

A New Year, A New You -
Think back to a day when you were in the flow. You effortlessly glided from one project to another, systematically crossing items off your to-do list as the day progressed. That evening, as you reflected upon your day, you became aware of a confident smile on your face, as you recounted all that you accomplished. Days like that are empowering. How often do you experience those days? Are they more the exception than the rule? Why is that?

The Secret To Staying Youthful - 
Would you like to feel less stressed? Would you like to have more energy? Would you like to live a long healthy life?

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Should You Be Alarmed? -
Have you seen the television ads that recently started running about high fructose corn syrup? The Corn Refiners Association started running them a couple of months ago. This campaign is estimated to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 to $30 million. Why is the Corn Refiners Association trying to sway your opinion about its product? Mostly because there's been controversy surrounding high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Practical Solutions To Eating Raw Foods - 
You may be wondering, what does it mean to eat raw food? This diet consists of eating unprocessed, uncooked fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Some people on a raw food diet will prepare food in a dehydrator, but the food is never exposed to temperatures above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Fresh raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will have their enzymes destroyed above 116 degrees and will lose most of their nutritional value once cooked.

Breakfast- Key to a Slimmer You - 
How does your day start? Are you someone who hits the snooze button, staying in bed as long as possible? Or maybe your mornings are rushed and hectic, trying to get the kids out the door. In this crazy morning routine, are you taking time for breakfast? Many people don't. They say they don't have time, they're not hungry in the morning, or some mistakenly reason that in an attempt to lose weight, skipping breakfast will help. But did you know the opposite is true? If you're tying to lose weight you need to eat breakfast.

Detoxification: Is It For Me? - 
Every day we are bombarded by toxic chemicals.  The air we breathe has toxic fumes, the tap water we drink has chlorine, fluoride, traces of prescription drugs and other chemicals, the food we eat has pesticides, artificial colors and flavors, chemical additives, preservatives.  These are just a few examples of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Many of us also willingly consume caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners or smoke cigarettes to place even more chemicals into our already overloaded system.

Confused About Fat-Free Foods? Revealing Answers - 
"Have another cookie. Go ahead, they're fat-free." Have you ever succumbed to such logic? Modern science has brought us many blessings. The internet. Strides in medicine. But are fat-free variations of your favorite foods really a modern miracle? Can you really have your (fat-free) cake and eat it, too?

Simple Ways To Reduce Stress -  
Do you have too much stress in your life?  Do you realize that high levels of stress can lead to significant medical problems?  In this article, I will discuss some common causes of stress, the harmful effects of stress on your health and some simple steps you can put in place to immediatley reduce your stress.

Easy Daily Routines To Build A Healthier You -
Now that school is back in session, everyone is settling back into routines. Seems fitting that this would be a good time to examine your routine and see what habits are serving you and which ones could use some improvement. Let's start by looking at your morning routine.

5 Strategies To Feel Energized - 
Do you wish you had more energy? One of the main concerns of my health coaching clients is their lack of energy. It can be difficult to accomplish goals when you are exhausted all the time. This article will explore some of the reasons you may be low on energy and how to fill up your energy tank.

Stop Letting Stress Rule Your Life - 
Ever had a day that left you feeling stressed out? Maybe traffic was at a standstill and it made you late for work. Once on the job, it seemed like everyone needed you for something, every phone call was for you, and that project with the deadline wasn't any closer to being done. On the ride home, all you could think about was getting home and putting your feet up. As traffic crawled, the anticipation of walking through your own door grew. Pulling into the garage, you could picture a quiet evening sheltered in your home, locking out the rest of the world.

Are You Exhausted? - 
Sleep deprivation is a growing problem in the United States.  More than 40% of the population is chronically sleep deprived.  Prior to the invention of electricity people slept an average of 10 hours per night.  Today people are trying to get by on as little as 4-6 hours per night.

Do You Suffer From Portion Distortion? - 
The restaurant was beautiful. The menu was multi-course, prix fixe French bistro fare. What an enjoyable evening of good friends and good food. But on the way to the parking lot it became apparent that not everyone was happy. Seems the guys took exception to the size of the portions. Has this ever happened to you? Why is enough no longer enough?

Living In The Present
It seems to me the concept of living in the present or the Now is a focus of much conversation.   One example is, Eckhart Tolle, who was recently featured on Oprah with a ten week webinar of his book The New Earth which is all about the power of living in the Now.  I attended a week long Yoga and Meditation retreat in Mexico and the theme of the week was the power of living in the present.  Life can only happen right now.  It doesn't happen in the past and it can't happen in the future.  The power of life is right now in the present.

The Most Beginner Friendly Way To Exercise
It's so easy to become a couch potato. Are you less active today than you used to be? Between the career and raising kids you're pulled in many directions during the course of a day. By the time dinner is in the table you're exhausted. Instead of taking care of yourself, are you in the habit of settling down in front of the TV for American Idol or Lost?

The Breath Of Life
Do you take the ability to breathe for granted?  Do you ever think about breathing?  Breathing is something that most people do not think much about unless they are having trouble breathing.  Most people breathe very shallowly.  Start to pay attention to your breathing and you will notice only your upper chest moves slightly with each breath.

How Do I Know What Is Good For Me?
For optimum health eat small meals 4-5 times a day.  Rather than
skipping breakfast, eating a fast lunch and then grazing all
evening, start to plan your meals.  In order to maintain a steady
blood sugar level, which will give you sustained energy; eat a
little several times a day.

Simple Steps To Weight Loss -
It does not take giant leaps to create life changing
transformation.   Making small changes over time will create the
momentum you need to reach your goals.  No matter how much weight
you have to lose and what your goals are, if you break it down into
small manageable pieces you will be successful.

Staying Younger Longer -
Have you ever had the experience of someone being genuinely surprised that you are as old as you are? What a boost to the ego! We all want to look young for our age. In fact, looking younger has turned into a booming industry. Plastic surgery. Botox. Rejuvenating face serums. Chemical peels. It can sound very tempting. But all of this can be expensive and full of risks.

How Health Coaching Makes You A Winner
With the coaching field expanding so widely, there are now a lot of
specialty coaches out there. One field that is growing is the area
of health coaching. How do you go about choosing a coach that can
help you reach your goals? What should you be looking for? There
are two key elements in choosing a health coach that greatly affect
your ability to succeed. Those keys are the use of baby steps and
they psychology of change.

Is Your Weight Loss Being Sabotaged By What Is In Your Glass? - 

Liquid calories are the worst calories we can put into our bodies
if we're trying to lose fat because they add up so quickly without
suppressing hunger. And these calories often come in the form of

How Health Coaching Leads To Permanent Weight Loss -
It is hard to ignore the fact that Americans are getting bigger.  It has been a growing problem for the past few decades.  Did you know two thirds of adults in the United States are overweight?  Studies have shown that 80% of people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes are overweight and 70% of people with heart disease are overweight. 

Be A Weight Loss Winner
Do you know that approximately 4,000 people die a day from cancer and heart disease?  Of the people with heart disease, 70% of them are overweight.  42% of people diagnosed with breast or colon cancer are overweight.

Why Health Coaching Works When Jenny Craig Doesn't -
How is it some people can join a reputable program, such as Jenny
Craig, but still not achieve their goals? Jenny Craig, among
others, has an extensive support system, plenty of tools a person
needs to reach their goals, yet not everyone walks away a winner.
Why is that?

4 Keys To Selecting A Weight Loss Coach
A weight loss coach can walk you through lifestyle and mindset changes step by step to create the body you desire, increase your energy level and improve your overall health and wellness. It is very important to select a weight loss coach who will help you work towards your goals and create permanent healthy habits.

Courage To Change
According to Matthew Kelly, people do not have a problem with change.  It is the transition period to change that is unsettling.  Most people would like to weigh less, have more energy, make more money, travel more, but most people are not willing to make the changes necessary to transform their lives into what they want.

Feeling Guilty About Those Resolutions
It's been 17 days since we made our New Year's resolutions. How's
it going for you? Not so good? You're not alone. We start with good
intentions but it doesn't take much to derail our plan. We're going
to take a look at two reasons why our resolutions have failed and
then we'll come up with a better plan, one that will get us back on
track and leave us feeling better about ourselves.

Create Achievable Goals -
Have you ever made a New Year's Resolution?  Did you make a resolution this year?  Would you like this year to be the year to keep those resolutions?

Stressed Out? Four Ways To Beat It
Stress...we all feel it. We know it's bad for us. In fact, stress has
been linked to high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, insomnia
and headaches.

Journaling, A Key To Weight Loss
A common trap people fall into is eating without being consciously aware of how much food they are eating.  Have you ever been preparing dinner and tasted a little of everything you were preparing?  Do you help your kids finish their meal so no food goes to waste?  Have you ever grabbed a handful of chips or nuts to tide you over to your next meal? 

Help! I'm Trapped In A Middle-Aged Body!
It happened the other night. My husband and I were watching TV.
When I got up from the couch, I ended up hobbling along like an 80
year old woman after hip replacement. What's going on? This has
happened before. But how long ago? When did it start? I'm not 80,
I'm only middle-aged. This shouldn't be happening.

5 Keys To Thriving During The Holidays
If the holiday time is stressful for you, here are some tips you may wish to implement to thrive during the holidays instead of just trying to survive through them.

Should I Consider A Sleeping Pill ?
Once again you wake up exhausted. It was another night of tossing
and turning. Nights like this are happening more often. It's hard
to have a productive day when you didn't get enough sleep. You've
seen those ads on television. Maybe you should get a prescription,
too. How can you tell if it's the right decision?

Vibrant Health - Pain or Pleasure ?
Would you like to enjoy vibrant health?  Most people when asked
this question say yes.  If everyone wants vibrant health, why do
most people not have it?

Do You Need A Chemistry Degree To Eat ? -
I read something disturbing recently.  It was this: the average fast food strawberry milkshake has 59 ingredients.  It contains 40 chemicals but no strawberries or milk.  What?  Are you kidding me?

Is Alli Your Ally?
As a pharmaceutical research nurse one of my favorite clinical
research trials was the Orlistat Study.  Orlistat is the generic
for Alli.  This was a well designed clinical trial.  The patients
were closely monitored and I had the ability to do diet and
nutritional counseling with my patients.

How to Get Fit Living in a Fast-paced World
Are you a busy, professional woman or owner of your company?  Do you run from morning until late in the night keeping up with all your obligations and responsibilities?  When was the last time you made time for yourself?

If You Don’t Take Care of You, Who Will?
Face it, ladies, we have a natural predisposition to take care of others. Usually to the point that we put others before the care of ourselves. The problem with this is…if you don’t take care of you, who will?

Life Would Be So Much Easier If Those Diet Pills Worked
We have all seen the ads – New fat blasting pill melts away fat while you sleep. Or the person who lost 30 pounds in three weeks on a weight loss program. We’re tempted.

Why Change Doesn't Stick
Did you make a resolution last New Year's? Was it to lose ten pounds, workout regularly or eat better? Three months later were you still sticking to that resolution?



Tasty Jicama Salad - 
Jicama is a mexican root vegetable.  It looks similar to a potato, but it is slightly sweet and crunchy.  Try this tasty, crisp salad for a refreshing change.

Delicious Mexican Corn Salad
This is a simple recipe that goes well with your summer BBQ or picnic.

Irresistible Nutritious Cranberry Salad
If you are looking for a simple, nutritious and tasty recipe to bring
to holiday gatherings, this is the recipe for you.



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  • Peer Resources Peer Resources is a leading authority in North America on peer helping coaching and mentor program development support and consultation.
  • is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.


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