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Health Coach Team is dedicated to helping women lose weight and radiate!

Dieting can be lonely. You hesitate to go out with friends because you can’t say no to loaded nachos. Instead you’re standing at the microwave watching your little pre-packaged meal go round and round. How about if you had someone to support you? What if you didn’t have to be alone in the process? What if you had an expert partner who has faced the struggle herself, who would support you, encourage you and provide you with information throughout your weight loss journey? That is my passion!

                                    Vibrant Woman Program

The Vibrant Woman program is the perfect program for you if you need one-on-one guidance! You've learned the hard way that diets don't work and you're ready to build new habits which support your needs and lifestyle. You're tired of trying things that don't work and you want full access to guidance, support and accountability so you can learn how to feel good. You want results and you want to know that someone who "get's it" is working closely with you; coaching, motivating and inspiring you to become the woman you want to be!

6 month program

18 - 30 minute private one-on-one coaching calls

1 hour special welcome kick-off session (in addition to your program calls) where we evaluate your current health status and start building a belief system that supports your weight loss efforts

12 – 10 minute check-in/accountability calls that you can use anytime you feel you need a gentle nudge or want to celebrate a success

A set of articles, resources and tools personally selected for your needs at each stage of change

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Let Go and Lose Weight Online Course

This unique course teaches you how to stop using foods as a gratifying emotional filler; it then dives into how to cut diet restrictions and start building a relationship with your food and live healthier. Inside of this course you’re going to learn to overcome your limiting beliefs, self-esteem and guilty feelings. On top of that you'll take a new outlook on your relationship with foods, and energizing yourself and changing how you feel about yourself.
  • Over 26 lectures and 2 hours of video/audio/text content
  • 10 worksheets, assessments and activities

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                                    Feel Fabulous Over 40

Feel Fabulous Over 40 is a community-based program dedicated to helping women over 40 live their best. It brings together experts in the fields of weight loss, menpause, stress management and more, to address the issues faced by women as they age.

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"Lynn motivates me to see the possibilities in front of me and cause an eagerness to achieve more."

Dana H.
Business Owner


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Health Coach Team provides health and wellness coaching to help women create healthy lifestyles.

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